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Shaping Your Future

Shaping your future

Shaping Your Future

For most people, divorce is stressful. And the financial aspects of divorce can be especially challenging when pension assets have to be shared. Understandably, your main concerns are likely to be immediate issues such as where you may live, how much you have to live on and arrangements which involve children. We aim to help you by dealing with the financial issues: explaining how pension sharing works, assisting your family lawyer negotiate a settlement, and building a viable financial plan for the future based on your needs and aspirations.

We specialise in this field and our team can guide you towards financial independence through what can be a challenging process if you are not familiar with legal and pensions jargon. At each stage we explain the issues and translate the jargon so that you understand what is happening, and we keep you and your lawyers fully informed throughout.

We call this process ‘Towards independence’.

What Our Clients Say

Having just gone through a difficult divorce, at the final stages I needed financial help with a pension sharing order and setting up a personal pension. It was an emotional time and I needed everything in place for me to move forward. The advice and the ongoing support I had from the team at FiveWays was excellent. If I needed help and support, they even took the time and effort to call me back in the evening, nothing was a problem.

I now have all my finances in order and I can look to the future without any worries, knowing that they are at the end of the phone if I need them. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mrs M, North Somerset

Excellent, timely service with clear advice and guidance. Thank you.

No complaints or criticism at all, FiveWays have performed well and I will recommend to others.

Mr A

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