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“Cookies” – Under rules which came into effect on 26th May 2011 in relation to the use of cookies visitors now have to be :

  1. provided with clear and comprehensive information about the purposes of the storage of, or access to, that information; and
  2. given the opportunity to refuse the storage of or access to that information

Historically websites have ‘buried’ information about the use of cookies in terms & conditions, and relied on users ‘opting out’ – both practices which are no longer acceptable.

If you currently collate cookie data, regardless of whether the information is actually utilised, and wish to continue with this practice, the regulator is advocating you take the following initial steps in order to understand the potential impact of any changes on your own business:

  1. Check what type of cookies and similar technologies you use and how you use them.
  2. Assess how intrusive your use of cookies is.
  3. Decide what solution to obtain consent will be best in your circumstances.”

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